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Popcorn Ceiling Removal:

Popcorn ceiling texture was made popular in the 1970’s and ‘80’s and has been around for a much longer time. It’s said to diminish the ‘echo’ reverb effect of tile and hardwood floors. Although there is some truth to that the main reason Popcorn Texture was so commonly used during this time period is because it’s very quick and inexpensive to apply. It also saved a lot of time and labor required to otherwise professionally finish the drywall surfaces to which it was applied. Developers and builders saved a significant amount of money in labor and material costs as well by applying this to the drywall as the finished product. It also saved them a ton of time in completing the homes before putting them to market.

There are a few problems with Popcorn ceiling texture. One big problem is that the Popcorn texture that was manufactured from the early 80’s to previous years, may contain asbestus. Yes, you read that right. Not that long ago Asbestos was a commonly used product in many different household materials and Popcorn texture is certainly one of them. Asbestos, while on the ceiling isn’t at all harmful, the trouble comes with the dust asbestos creates when it starts to fall or is removed. That’s when it can be hazardous to us. So, it’s important to have the Popcorn texture tested before it is removed from homes built from the early 80’s and before.

Another problem with Popcorn ceiling texture is that it tends to fall, crumble or start to peel away from the ceiling after many years or with any type of drywall damage requiring repairs. It’s very difficult to repair or patch Popcorn texture due to its week adhesion. It is common for the moisture and weight of paint to pull off the surrounding surface of a Popcorn patch creating an even bigger problem. And even if the patch adheres fine with no further damage to the surrounding Popcorn, it’s very difficult to get a decent patch consistent with the existing texture of the surface.
But if, by chance, the patch holds and looks decent to the rest of your ceiling, it’s only a matter of time before other areas of the Popcorn ceiling texture will begin to fail. So, it’s always advisable to have popcorn texture removed and have your ceiling  refinished.
Also, Popcorn texture is prone to hold dust and other contaminants from the air. Its numerous peaks and valleys are perfect holding ducts for these allergens to stick around your home and there’s no real convenient way to clean them out.
Removing Popcorn ceiling texture will increase the value of your home and the quality of your life. Popcorn texture is not only very outdated but it’s a nuisance. It’s also a potential health hazard for your home and your family.
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