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House Painting:

House painting is one of our favorite specialty services at CRC Improvements. Be it interior painting or exterior painting, applying paint to the home has multiple benefits. Of course, not the least of all is creating a refreshing and renewed feeling in your home.

It’s a great feeling to be excited and inspired by the colors, tones and warmth that a fresh painting for our home can bring to us. The satisfaction that come along with investing time, energy and resources into creating a warm, and exuberant living experience from your home can not be over estimated. Color tones are key to attaining the desired ambiance and inspiration that is ultimately reflected in the way we feel while spending time in our home. Many factors should be considered while choosing the colors, shades and tones of paint that we choose. Lighting, both natural and artificial are key factors in this choice. What esthetics do we want to accomplish by painting our home? Are we striving to enhance the openness in an open style floor plan of a house? Would we like to enhance the the natural sunlight through all its glorious change throughout the day with accent walls, color tone differences, sheen, or textures? Perhaps wanting to create a sense of calmness and privacy in a den or bedroom? Or Freshin up the bathrooms with some new color and a clean finish?

Yes, all this is nice and has a great impact on the quality of our day to day lives. However, even more important than esthetics is sealing and protecting our homes from day to day wear and tear and preventing the elements of nature from deteriorating the health and fortitude of the house that we make our home. By maintaining the condition of the exterior of our homes we can rest assured that we are doing everything necessary to protect the interior and exterior of our most important life investment, our home. That’s why annual inspection assessments and proper maintenance is so important and serves as a last defense against storm damage and normal wear and tear. House painting goes a long way in maintaining the strength and condition of our home while minimizing the inevitable high cost of major repairs that arise when we aren’t paying attention.


Is there any visible cracks, hairline or larger, in our stucco siding? Is there any gouges, cracks, or holes in the corner seams of our exterior where caulking seal may be compromised? How’s the condition of our trim? Is the wood of our door casings solid (especially around the ground level)? What’s the condition of our columns, our window casings, Facia, soffit, freeze board, skirting, etc? Is there any flaking paint on the exterior of our homes? An annual inspection and checklist will go a long way in maintaining the exterior and (consequentially) the interior health of our home.


There are various textures that are applied to drywall surfaces to give us the finish that suits our tastes. Examples would be: Knockdown Texture, Skip Trowel Texture, Orange Peel Texture, Santa Fe texture, just to name a few. Although all these textures do have a particular appeal, the main advantage of these textures and the reason for their recent popularity in new builds is that developers and builders simply save time and money by applying them. Texturing drywall alleviates the time and resources necessary to achieve the results of a professional level 5, smooth drywall finish. Surface textures applied to dwellings has been around for thousands of years. But nowadays the trend of certain textures is almost a trademark result that many consumers expect or simply don’t question in their homes.

Although textured drywall surfaces do have pros and cons, the fact is that when making a drywall repair and applying the texture patch to the finish it must come as close as possible to match the existing surrounding texture, whatever that texture type may be. Although it’s nearly impossible to get an exact match to any given texture patch, it is important to come as close as possible so to blend in and ‘feather’ the texture patch in a subtle way without creating an optical focal point of the patch against the existing whole of the surface being patched. If you’re now thinking to yourself that patching texture seems more of an art than a skill, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, each and every painter, worker and helper has their own individual patterns, thickness and consistency to the way they apply any particular texture. Therefore, getting a texture patch to match exactly is not a common occurrence, nor is it a reasonable expectation. Exact texture uniformity can only truly be achieved by a complete surface restoration.

Popcorn ceiling texture hasn’t yet been mentioned here. Although it was quite a popular application sometime ago, it has recently become quite a nuisance and has created much frustration for home buyers, home sellers, and businesses alike. For this reason CRC Improvements provides and specializes in a Popcorn ceiling texture removal service which is so popular these days that it merits its own page. Please visit that page of our website to learn all about why it’s such a popular service that we provide. It’s also important to learn how, once complete and removed from the ceilings of your home; it raises the value of the home substantially (and also improves the quality of life for you and your family).
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